COLOMBO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CCC) is the capital’s largest independent networking and business support organization, representing the interests of thousands of companies within the confines of Colombo and the Western Province. We are committed and actively engage in connecting like-minded business people to expand their horizons and offer our members a raft of practical and professional services to augment and help develop their businesses to reach and achieve their respective goals.

In addition to hosting B2B networking events each year, CCC provides member-to-member marketing opportunities, unlimited access to legal and HR advice and access to opportunities to participate in extensive international trade mission programs.

CCC also represents the interests of its members when required to deal with key business stakeholders, influencers and thought leaders in Colombo and the Western Province and further afield across all business sectors.

Unlike many other business membership organizations, membership of CCC is corporate and individual. This means that employees of member companies are able to take advantage of our diverse range of benefits and services whilst in the service of their parent organizations.